Saturday, 14 February 2009


This dish is a mixture of western and Arabian chicken roasts. Chicken roast are very popular in both these places in my opinion. For a person like me who has spent so many years living in the U.A.E it was not very difficult to get inspired by the chicken roasts the Arabs make its so juice and succulent that one person who is passionate about food can maybe even eat two whole chickens at one time. I remember us having a lot of memories for these roasts. The English roasts are usually with less salt and more sweet in them where as the Arab roasts are very much salty. This roasts good quality is that it gives you both flavours and variety when you serve. Because you can serve it just with any boiled vegetables and it'll taste as good as it would with pitta bread and homous.


  • Whole chicken with skin
  • 1 Glass orange juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • 1 or two whole garlics according to your liking of the garlic.
  • 1/4 Cup Olive oil


  1. Rub a little salt on the chicken and then fry it in the pan /pot or frying pan any kind of pot will do with enough space to move it about.
  2. Fry the chicken till its light brown .
  3. Cut the whole garlic in half without removing the skin.
  4. Place the garlic in the baking dish and once the chicken is fried place it in the baking dish over the garlics and add a little oil from the frying pan.
  5. Now add the orange and lemon juices and pepper,brown sugar and mix well before adding to the chicken.
  6. Bake it covered with foil for about 2-3 hours if the chicken was frozen ..if fresh about 1 -2 hours are fine .
  7. Once you think the chicken is well cooked take it out and place it on the serving dish and put your baking dish on the stove and on high heat cook it till the liquid feels caramelized.
  8. During this process with a wooden spoon or spatula press the garlic and it will separate from its skin very easily, take out the skin and throw, mix it well with the liquid juices to make a really thick caramelised sauce then pour it over the chicken.
Its Great for serving kids and dinner time because they love anything that's sweet and love to squeeze some lemon on it. Serve with mashed potato and peas or anything green is one way of having this chicken and the other is serve it with fresh salad,with lots of fresh flat leaf parsley,humous,pitta bread, mutabal and you'll feel like you're sitting in Dubai or some Arabian city. hope you like it and enjoy making it...:)


  1. oh man, how do I stop myself from all these temptations ????? I think it's about time I start thinkin like a mom, who makes it for the kids and lets them enjoy it; as she watches in the background. -me-

  2. lolz yeah i think its time you make some and then comment let me know cos your comments are going to make me work on better recipe keep you comments comming..thanks ...

  3. salaam.. very nice site and the recipes look really nice.. inshAllah i will try them out once my kitchen is made (another month or so :)) .. do u know any recipe for chicken nuggets.. ? my kids love it but i always buy the frozen kind!

  4. salaams ruhaifa...yes i do have a recipe for nuggets will post it soon....

  5. sorry ruhaifa forgot to say thank you so very much for liking the blog...i hope your kitchen gets in working order soon and you can try some of my recipes and and comment on them.insha Allah...would love to know your feed back..regards..


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