Thursday, 12 February 2009



This is simple and easy one to do with kids. A few of my friends asked me to put some recipes up that they could do with kids. I love doing all kinds of foods with kids my trick is i really don't think about the mess they are making rather the skills they are learning. With recipe they will learn how to mix well,how to close and make a fist is they are under three,they will also love shaking or rolling the chocolate stones. Kids also love anything that makes sound and they are allowed to use anything their mums use, makes them feel more responsible like a grown up which they want to be.This recipe does not require any cooking at all unless you'd like to bake a cake yourself. The advantage of cooking with kids is they eat what they make much quicker than what we make for them cooking for ages in the kitchen. Try making it and do let me know how it worked out for you look forward to hearing your comments...

  • Any chocolate cake
  • 1/4 Cup milk or cream
  • 1 Cup desiccated coconut or any nuts crushed if your kids like it.


  1. Break the cake into small pieces to fit in a food processor and whiz till it looks like crumbs.
  2. Place them in a bowl and mix well with the cream /milk so that it forms a dough.
  3. In a plate have your nuts or coconut ready at the side.( if doing with kids have a sandwich bag filled with it and ask them to shake it.)
  4. Once you have made the balls roll them in nuts/ coconut.
  5. your chocolate stones are ready.

Hope you will have a great time making these with your kids just loved it, what they made was truely not perfect to adults but to them they were just right they gobbled them up in a matter of hours,i'm sure yours will too....enjoy...:)

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  1. Wow! what and easy recipe!!! absolutely a time saver!!!!!! -me-


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